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IT and digital transformation services: embracing strategic agility, smart modernization, and a hyper-effective IT organization

How an organization thinks about and responds to technology and innovation is perhaps the best indicator of its ability to compete. The path to market leadership is paved with a clearly defined and compelling destination; smart, practical technology decisions; and effective change management.

The foundational four

We believe there are four foundational strategies for sustained, market-leading business results.​

Do more, faster, with less​

IT budgets remain tight, yet CIOs are being asked to deliver on their traditional services, modernize their legacy assets, and innovate. The traditional approach to delivering modest improvements and efficiency are insufficient.

Keep up with stakeholders’ demands of digital​
The digital era is driving businesses – and therefore IT organizations – to develop strategies to rapidly transform their customer, employee, and partner experience and leverage data and new technology to reimagine business operations.​
Secure the right execution partners

In a digital world, enterprise IT cannot go it alone in meeting diverse and rapidly changing business needs. The right set of execution partners is needed to bring the skills and integrated capabilities necessary to deliver business outcomes.

Manage the disruption created by the journey

The level of change needed throughout the organization to capture the full value of technology, data, and new operation models is unprecedented. New methods to manage multi-year and continuous change journeys are required.

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Video | perspective

What is the Difference between Digital Transformation and a Digital Project?

Cecilia Edwards, Partner

When businesses use digital technologies, it does not mean that they are in the process of a digital transformation. Digital transformation is the use of digital technologies to drive a change in the business model.


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Guided execution

For those who can design and drive their journey but need consistent support in advancing outcomes.

Dedicated consulting support

For those who may not have the expertise or resources to navigate portions of their journey.

Our latest thinking for IT leaders

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