Shagun Sood first joined Everest Group as a temporary contractor in talent acquisition in human resources, filling the role of an employee on maternity leave. She accepted the position knowing that taking a temporary role would be a risk; however, the contract also promised that if the position was a fit for Shagun, it would turn full-time. She was initially hesitant, but her intuition told her to go for it.

“I got the impression that the organization believed in me, and I began to believe in the organization the longer I was here,” said Shagun.

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Part of the team from day one

Shagun remembers when she began working at Everest Group as a contractor that she never felt like she was on contract. “The organization and my colleagues always made me feel like I was part of the team right from the beginning. That’s just the culture at Everest Group,” she said.

As she began talking to recruits and interviewing prospective employees, she discovered she was excited to share her experiences and why Everest Group is a great place to work. “A lot of companies can talk about good company culture, but I’ve experienced it here as an employee, and our culture is something I’m proud of.”

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From temporary work to a permanent role

Shagun’s contract was for one year, but at the sixth-month mark, she was offered a full-time role. “That was a really amazing moment for me. I had such a sense of pride and achievement,” she said.

After she became a full-time employee, Shagun started working as a recruiter, with the primary responsibility of hiring for the organization, starting with corporate roles and moving to the recruitment of research analysts. 

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 A journey of growth and learning

In the years that Shagun has been with Everest Group, she’s worked on a variety of projects within HR. She explains that as an Everest Group employee, you don’t have to be confined to the borders of your job description. “Based on your potential, bandwidth, inquisitiveness, and motivation, you can take on projects that might be outside what is considered business as usual,” she said. Because of this, she has had opportunities to take on tasks outside of her scope, which has helped her grow.

In one example, Shagun remembers contributing to a project as a subject matter expert while working with an HR Director and a Partner at Everest Group for a reward and recognition program. This kind of project would normally fall under the purview of the HR operations and culture team, which was different from her usual focus. “My normal duties were more in talent recruitment for the firm, so this was a new experience for me,” she said. Shagun embraced the project and ensured it was a success, and she ultimately received an award for her work. “I really appreciated that I was trusted to take on the task and that I could expand my skills, work with leadership, and get recognition at an organization-wide level,” she said.

Another project she tackled that was outside her normal scope was piloting a brand-new program to recruit undergraduates across universities. The program was a success and is one that Everest Group still uses today.

Shagun was soon promoted to Senior Recruiter, and she also began mentoring and training newer employees in HR as the company expanded. As she trained the new employees, her bandwidth opened up, and she was able to further her experience and capabilities within HR even more.

Today she focuses on a variety of tasks, from planning to the internal rollout of company-wide tools. She attributes Everest Group’s culture to her ability to grow and learn as much as she has. “We truly have a meritocratic organization, and I’ve experienced that firsthand,” she said.

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Accessible, approachable leadership

Apart from the overall company culture, Shagun says that, “the best part about working for Everest Group is the leadership.” She expresses that the leadership at Everest Group is always approachable and ready to help. Employees never feel reluctant to reach out if there are any questions. “Our leadership is kind and humble, and they are always available for a conversation, and I really admire that,” said Shagun.

Knowing that her managers are behind her and that she has their support gives her the confidence to perform at her best.

A bright future

Shagun still feels fortunate that she trusted her instinct to take a chance on a temporary position. “I’m so grateful for this opportunity,” she said. She just hit her five-year mark at Everest Group, and she looks ahead with excitement on what’s to come and to work with new colleagues as the company grows. “After I was offered the full-time role, I really never looked back,” she said. “I’m very happy, and time has just flown by.”

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