Everest Group’s Industry and Market Research Expertise and Client Experience Helps Companies Navigate Complex Procurement Decisions

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A client’s Board of Directors was faced with determining whether to approve a sole source procurement with a select vendor as part of an overall solution in a critical transformation program. To confidently inform their decision, they had to ensure they had a fact-based market perspective about the current situation, including viability of the service provider to meet the organization’s strategic objectives. The board needed specific subject matter expertise to complete an independent assessment and provide recommendations on navigating a successful path forward.

Everest Group was asked to complete an independent assessment of the status and the client’s approach to sole source this deal. Given the client’s stringent technical requirements, its complex regulatory framework, diverse stakeholder perspectives, budget restrictions, aggressive timelines, and complex multi-vendor environment, the assessment included analysis of the impact of multiple scenarios.

By leveraging its industry and market research knowledge, subject matter expertise and client experience with current market data for vendor contract terms and approaches in sole source deals, Everest Group was able to efficiently identify the strengths, risks, key considerations, and opportunities to successfully navigate the sole source journey and recommend a path to achieve the client’s objectives.

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