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COVID-19 exposure among leading IT and BPO delivery locations

Dynamically track how COVID-19 is affecting leading offshore and nearshore locations around the world. Bookmark this page to stay ahead of the curve.

IT/BPO delivery locations dynamic tracker

Members of Strategic Outsourcing and Vendor Management (SOVM),  GBS / shared services, and Locations Insider™ memberships can request complimentary weekly access to the data.

Key definitions
  • Top left chart: bubble size represents number of IT and BPO professionals in the location
  • COVID-19 mortality rate = total deaths divided by total cases
  • Total cases include presumptive positive cases
  • Active COVID-19 incidence rate = active cases per 1 million population
  • The orange diamond shapes shown in the 2 bottom charts indicate the active COVID-19 incidence rate for each corresponding location on the latest date tracked, shown in the top left chart
  • The service provider center data in the bottom two charts is for ~350 leading IT, BPO, and engineering service providers
Using the dynamic tracker
  • By default, this tracker shows data for 18 leading offshore and nearshore countries
  • To find specific regions or countries, use the Region and Country drop-down selections, above the top left chart to select from a list of 37 countries.  (All four charts will update to reflect data for the selected regions/countries.) NOTE: Use  CTRL key while making multiple selections in the drop-downs
  • Top left chart: Click the play button to see changes over time in COVID-19 risk exposure for the selected locations
  • Hover over chart elements (orange diamond, bubbles, etc.) to see additional information for that element
  • Top left chart: click on any bubble to see the historical trajectory of COVID-19 risk exposure for that location
  • If you have any questions regarding the dynamic tracker, please contact us

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