Governance and vendor management – enabling value

Define a strategy that embraces digital transformation to focus on experience and business outcomes

Digital transformation changes everything

Digital transformation changes objectives – it shifts the focus from cost to results and experience.

The three Ps

We believe three vital tenets of effective vendor management and governance stand the test of time.


There’s a big difference between knowing what needs to be done and actually implementing and executing it effectively. Allocating the right resources – experience managing service providers and the nuances of outsourced services in an increasingly digital world – is critical to achieving positive results.


Governance is successful only when both the buyer and provider are successful. Models should be designed with a joint relationship management structure and processes to drive cooperation. A true win-win partnership motivates both parties to deliver value beyond the metrics.


Everyone needs to be on the same page – particularly in today’s ever-changing digital environment. A mutually developed, flexible playbook is essential to align all parties to achieve, or exceed, the overall business goals.

Our value

Our expertise and knowledge of the latest trends in digital services support your need to position vendor management and governance as a value enabler.

Judgment and objectivity

The skills: deep operational, governance, and vendor management expertise – and a finger on the pulse of the impacts of digital transformation – enable objective guidance of both for mutual business success.

Speed and precision

The tools: comprehensive but flexible tools and templates, based on leading market research and latest trends, optimize the structure, processes, and roles and responsibilities for vendor management and governance functions.

Flexibility and creativity

The experience: leading market research coupled with deep experience in crafting unique and contextual governance and vendor management services that enable business value.

With you on the journey

Ways to engage with us

Data, insights, and benchmarks

For those with the resources and skills to advance their journeys, yet would benefit from external intelligence and expertise to inform their strategies.

Strategic workshops

For those who need an intense effort to develop a strategy or make a decision in an accelerated period of time.

Guided execution

For those who can design and drive their journey but need consistent support in advancing outcomes.

Dedicated consulting support

For those who may not have the expertise or resources to navigate portions of their journey.

How can we engage?

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