Transition sets the stage for transformation

A holistic, jointly planned and executed approach to transition to results in transformational outcomes

Transition and transformation: establishing a clear vision, building a shared plan, understanding the change, and driving relentless innovation

How an organization prepares for and carries out its sourcing transition determines its ability to achieve business-changing outcomes. The path to success is a shared vision of the as-is and to-be states, and detailed map of the journey from one to the other.

Four fundamental principles

We believe there are four fundamental principles of transition and transformation to achieve innovative results.

Start right and think long-term

Transition sets the tone and trajectory for any sourcing program – it determines whether you will capture value and realize the full potential benefits. Consider the end game from the start.

Lead with conviction

Transitions need executive-level leadership to set the overall mandate, solve problems, and navigate the relationship. It is a fundamentally different role from traditional project management.

Set a high bar

Transformation impacts – and benefits – the entire organization, but only if expectations are established: agility and speed, breakthrough technology, leading-edge talent, and ongoing cost savings.

Relentlessly drive innovation

Transformation is a never-ending quest. Successful leaders seek innovation from all quarters – their provider, their team, their peers, and the market.

Wireframe low mountain

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Transforming the Role of IT

Cecilia Edwards, Partner

Our client, the CIO of a multi-billion dollar corporation, was looking to remove additional cost from the IT organization. We shifted the emphasis from cost reduction to driving business value throughout the organization, which allowed IT to focus on strategic initiatives that unleashed productivity and maximized investment.


Our value

Our experience, solutions, and approach ensure that you capture full value from your sourcing journey.

Judgment and objectivity

The experience: unmatched transition planning and execution experience, the ability to identify and assess the impact of unanticipated transition issues, and independent, market-informed resources maximize the likelihood of transition and transformation success.

Speed and precision

The solutions: A market-tested transition solution – organization structure, charters, governance processes, support platforms – and keen ability to accurately predict and mitigate common transition challenges sets the stage for transformational success.

Flexibility and Creativity

The approach: An overall approach that favors interest-based negotiations to drive future alignment when unforeseen events occur enables mutually beneficial outcomes.

With you on the journey

Ways to engage with us

Data, insights, and benchmarks

For those with the resources and skills to advance their journeys, yet would benefit from external intelligence and expertise to inform their strategies.

Strategic workshops

For those who need an intense effort to develop a strategy or make a decision in an accelerated period of time.

Guided execution

For those who can design and drive their journey but need consistent support in advancing outcomes.

Dedicated consulting support

For those who may not have the expertise or resources to navigate portions of their journey.

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