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Helping shell achieve a global talent edge

Not all energy majors rely on oil and gas reserves or renewable energies to power their future. For Shell, global talent is the crucial fuel driving growth.


As one of the top global players in the energy sector, Shell operates in a highly complex and competitive environment. Maximizing workforce efficiency and talent is critical to maintaining its leadership position in the face of market headwinds.

Client challenge: optimizing a global portfolio

As one of the top-5 energy and petrochemical companies, Shell boasts operations across the globe. With such scale comes great complexity in managing talent. It sought to explore and assess other leading high-caliber Global Business Services (GBS) locations across the globe and benchmark them against its current portfolio. The goal? Pinpoint the most cost-efficient talent hubs to drive future growth.

With demand for next-generation skills surging in fields like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, undertaking comprehensive due diligence was essential. Which GBS locations offered the strongest supply? How could it enhance its brand perception in the minds of talent in key regions? Internal collaboration was paramount. A plan was needed to realign business leaders on a clear talent and location strategy.

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Everest Group solution: harnessing facts and insights

Everest Group embarked on a meticulous effort to arm Shell with strategic insights. Our location assessments leveraged proprietary data, primary research, and on-the-ground intelligence. An analytical framework compared locations across multiple dimensions:

  • Talent availability and quality
  • Scalability and sustainability
  • Workforce migration patterns
  • Operating costs - current and future
  • Business environment
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Concurrently, Everest Group conducted in-depth benchmarking versus global peers. How did Shell’s talent practices stack up against best-in-class? What steps could elevate its value proposition and competitiveness?

Equipped with hard facts and perspective, Everest Group formulated actionable recommendations to empower the client’s decisions.

Results and impact: becoming fit for the future

Within months, Everest Group’s work yielded a tangible impact across Shell’s global footprint:

  • Future growth plans optimized by focusing on high-potential regions
  • Hiring goals adjusted to market reality
  • Recruitment practices enhanced by leveraging external market best practices
  • Leadership clear and aligned on strategic and tactical options to fully leverage talent (niche) skills and capabilities in favorable geographies
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Most critically, Everest Group’s insights armed the client with the knowledge and data to build a talent engine fit for the future. With strengths realigned to business goals and market realities, Shell is looking to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Shell’s partnership with Everest Group proves the power of fact-based research, insights, and subject matter expertise. As an authority on global services, Everest Group provided unmatched location intelligence and talent strategy perspectives. Our independent analysis gave the client confidence to optimize its portfolio. When it came to harnessing global talent to drive growth, Everest Group delivered a strategic vision and actionable roadmap for success.

Everest Group's strategic insights and actionable recommendations were game-changing for optimizing our global talent strategy. Their unparalleled expertise in location assessment and talent benchmarking delivered a tangible impact across our organization. We now have the facts and foresight to build a workforce that drives our competitive edge.
Jean-Philippe Vierin
Strategy Manager of Business Operations, Shell

The exclusive choice

Why did the energy giant opt for Everest Group?

Everest Group devoted focused attention to the engagement. Other providers tend to juggle multiple priorities across varying projects, which has the effect of diluting focus and results. Everest Group’s location and talent strategy specialist team meant unparalleled attention to detail and a commitment to excellence in its output.

Everest Group’s strong working relationship with Shell, built from previous successful engagements, meant sponsors could leverage its reputation to facilitate trust and buy-in for the project with leaders. This also meant sponsors could be confident that the project outcomes will be more readily accepted and acted upon.

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Everest Group is known for delivering excellence with competitive fees. Although cost was not the main driver, reasonable pricing, compared to competitors, helped.

Finally, Everest Group’s experience in executing location assessments and talent strategy work made us the obvious choice. Our credentials and track record gave Shell the confidence that trustworthy, impactful insights and recommendations would follow.

When Shell sought to amplify its workforce strategy, it turned to a partner offering specialized expertise, proven results, and total commitment. By leveraging partners like Everest Group, leaders can align their organizations to navigate change and maximize potential.

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