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Frictionless Customer Experiences: The Key to Unlocking Satisfaction | LinkedIn Live


Frictionless Customer Experiences: The Key to Unlocking Satisfaction

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on Wednesday, March 29, 2023.

The ideal customer experience has shifted as customers opt for more effortless self-driven digital interactions💻. To meet this need, organizations must eliminate hurdles within the customer experience, making it seamless, simple, and frictionless.

In this LinkedIn Live session, Everest Group analysts will be joined by Bill Price, co-author of the recently published book 📕, “The Frictionless Organization: Deliver Great Experiences with Less Effort.” Bill will define the frictionless organization and how it can deliver smoother customer experiences, save money, and increase revenue 📈.

Together, the speakers will discuss key insights from the book, provide real-time analyst reactions, and offer recommendations for organizations.

What questions does the event address?

➡️ What causes friction in customer experiences?
➡️ What are the benefits of removing friction?
➡️ How can friction be removed?

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Top Emerging Technology Trends: Six Things Sourcing Needs to Know in 2023 | Webinar

Access the on-demand webinar, which was delivered live on February 23, 2023.

Evolution in the IT function is inevitable. The very nature of technology is constantly shifting. Sourcing teams can better manage value from emerging technologies across the adoption cycle, from Research and Development (R&D) and exploration to scaled adoption.

In this webinar, we explored six things sourcing teams can do to stay ahead of new technology trends, including:

  • How to understand the emerging technologies landscape in the near term (12-24 months) and medium term (2-5 years)
  • How to recognize where these emerging technologies are on the adoption curve, and what their impact could be on sourcing dynamics and strategy
  • When to adapt existing category strategies and when to create new categories to support the adoption of emerging technologies
  • How to align the evolution of supplier segmentation and portfolio strategy to the new IT landscape
  • How to identify the roles and skills of the future to stay ahead of business and IT demand
  • Ways to measure value from emerging tech services category management

Who should attend?

  • IT sourcing leaders
  • Sourcing managers
  • Category managers
  • Heads of indirect sourcing

How to Deliver Hyper-personalized Customer Experiences in Life Sciences | LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live

How to Deliver Hyper-personalized Customer Experiences in Life Sciences

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on Wednesday, February 22, 2023.

The pandemic reshaped customer behavior, making customer experience a top business priority for life sciences enterprises. Enterprises can provide true hyper-personalized customer experiences by evolving their traditional CRM platforms to Customer Experience Platforms (CXP) – delivering more virtual and digital interactions that align with customer preferences.

In the transition to be more experience-focused, enterprises are seeking domain-specific and innovative customer experience solutions, and life sciences-specific commercial technology trailblazers are addressing this very need🌐.

Join this discussion as our experts explore customer experience strategies for life sciences enterprises and the pathways for success.

What questions will the event address?

✅ What are enterprises’ top investment priorities as they look to transform their CRM platforms?
✅ What benefits and challenges might enterprises face as they embark on their CXP journey?
✅ Who are some of the niche life sciences-specific commercial technology trailblazers, and what differentiates them?
✅ Who are the top CXP technology providers?

Key Issues for 2023: Rise Above Economic Uncertainty and Succeed | Webinar


Key Issues for 2023: Rise Above Economic Uncertainty and Succeed

As we look toward 2023, economic uncertainty is prime and center. Rising inflation, interest rate hikes, and GDP contraction – matched with low unemployment rates and high talent demand – have left business leaders unsure of what to expect and how to prepare for 2023.

Join Everest Group’s Key Issues 2023 webinar as our experts provide insights into the outlook of the global IT-BP industry and discuss major concerns, expectations, and key trends expected to amplify in 2023.

All the data is based on input from global leaders across enterprises, Global Business Services (GBS), and service providers.

Our speakers will discuss expectations for 2023, including:

  • The outlook for global services
  • Top business challenges and priorities
  • Changes in sourcing spend and service delivery costs
  • In-demand digital services and next-generation capabilities
  • The evolving strategy for talent, locations, and the workplace

Who should attend?

  • CIOs, CDOs, CTOs, CFOs, CPOs
  • Service providers
  • GBS / Shared services center heads
  • Global services leaders
  • Locations heads

Navigating Everest Group’s RFI Process: A Deep Dive for Analyst Relations Professionals | LinkedIn Live


Navigating Everest Group's RFI Process: A Deep Dive for Analyst Relations Professionals

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on July 21, 2022.

Analyst relations (AR) professionals face daily questions from colleagues and internal stakeholders regarding the RFIs they oversee. Each research firm has its own data collection methods and tools; some overlap, but most aren’t consistent across the board. 🤯

📢 Join this session for a deep dive into Everest Group’s RFI process. Our speakers will highlight upcoming changes, answer questions we often hear from AR, and offer tips on best practices that will ease the stress associated with RFIs in general.

Key questions our speakers will explore:

➡ Why are Everest Group’s RFIs longer and more detailed than other research firms?
➡ Why can’t you use one RFI for multiple studies?
➡ Is there a way to streamline buyer interviews and input?
➡ What are some key best practices for completing Everest Group RFIs?

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