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The Pivotal Role of Digital Transformation Consulting for Today’s Enterprise | Webinar

ON-DEMANd Webinar

The Pivotal Role of Digital Transformation Consulting for Today's Enterprise

Digital transformation consulting has become pivotal as enterprises progress on their digital transformation journeys. Enterprises are finding that bringing digital transformation consultants into the initial transformation phases – before digital landscapes become too complex – can significantly increase value and visibility.

Enterprises are more motivated than ever to make strides in their digital transformation efforts, despite the current macroeconomic environment, creating heightened demand and a booming market for digital transformation consulting.

Watch this webinar as our experts present digital transformation consulting market trends and the current landscape. They offer advice to service providers on ways to improve their offerings as enterprises look for end-to-end services.

What questions does the webinar answer for the participants?

  • Why and how are enterprises turning to digital transformation consulting services to uncover more value?
  • How are service providers adapting to new market conditions?
  • What are the key movements in the digital transformation consulting market?

Who should attend?

  • Digital CTO, CIO, CDO, IT strategy heads
  • Provider CXO, EVPs, SVPs, VPs, MDs of digital consulting arms, Heads of consulting practices
Practice Director
Practice Director

Cyber Resiliency Strategy: Key Themes and Pricing Trends for 2023 | Webinar

on-demand Webinar

Cyber Resiliency Strategy: Key Themes and Pricing Trends for 2023

Gone are the days when cybersecurity was solely the concern of IT departments. Today, the C-suite recognizes the criticality of cyber resiliency programs, which prioritize comprehensive threat advisory, holistic monitoring, and swift response mechanisms.

In this webinar, our experts will explain the differences in cyber resiliency and cybersecurity, outline key enterprise investment themes for cyber resiliency, explore opportunities and associated challenges for service providers, and cover the pricing and solution themes underlying the cybersecurity and cyber resiliency market.

What questions will the webinar answer for the participants?

  • What is cyber resiliency, and what is the enterprise adoption roadmap?
  • Why are service providers so gung-ho about cyber resiliency?
  • How should a cyber resiliency deal be structured commercially? 

Who should attend?

  • CIOs, CISOs, CTOs, and CDOs
  • IT and BPO department heads
  • Sourcing leaders
  • Strategy leaders
  • GBS leaders managing IT and BPO outsourcing contracts
  • Security product heads
  • Cybersecurity offering leads
  • Cybersecurity service line heads
Kumar Avijit Light Grey
Practice Director
Shukla Vinamra
Practice Director
Sundrani Ricky

How Technology Can Help Healthcare Overcome the $30 Billion RCM Spend | LinkedIn Live

linkedin live

How Technology Can Help Healthcare Overcome the $30 Billion RCM Spend

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on Wednesday, June 28, 2023.

🏥 The pandemic left no industry untouched, but healthcare was especially impacted. Healthcare providers were sent into a financial tailspin as elective surgeries were halted, and general expenses increased.

📉 The industry is bouncing back, yet the financial burden continues to escalate due to soaring wage costs and increased efforts to retain talent.

Watch this LinkedIn Live to discover how healthcare providers can rethink their revenue cycle management (RCM) strategies to future-proof their operations, including how technology adoption can significantly improve administrative efficiencies, streamline operations, reduce costs, increase revenue, and reduce dependency on talent.

What questions does the event address?

  • How is the RCM market evolving, and how is technology becoming an integral part of the overall solutioning?
  • What sourcing criteria should healthcare providers consider when evaluating their RCM needs?
  • What are the supply landscape characteristics and their value propositions?

📅 Save the date and join us for an insightful discussion!

Meet The Presenters

Practice Director
Everest Group
Verma Ankur
Vice President
Everest Group

5G Adoption in APAC: Navigating Challenges and Maximizing ROI | Webinar

on-demand WEBINAR

5G Adoption in APAC: Navigating Challenges and Maximizing ROI

The advent of 5G technology has promised unmatched opportunities for enterprises with new use cases that can benefit the topline. However, despite the hype around private 5G, current adoption patterns in APAC are not providing the promised potential. These ROI conversations have become even more pivotal given the macroeconomic conditions. 

Join this webinar as our analysts provide buyers, service providers, and telecom providers with insights into the latest developments, challenges, and opportunities in the APAC market for private 5G.

Our speakers will discuss:

  • What is the potential of 5G in the diverse APAC market?
  • What is the current maturity for private 5G adoption, what are best practices, and what challenges should APAC enterprises keep in mind?
  • How can enterprises ensure maximum ROI from private 5G adoption?

Who should attend?

  • CIOs and CTOs,
  • IT strategy heads
  • Heads of outsourcing
  • Procurement managers
  • Network leads and managers
  • Cloud head
  • 5G leads
  • Cloud and infrastructure heads
Mukesh Ranjan
Akshat Vaid

Welcoming the AI Summer: How Generative AI is Transforming Experiences | Webinar

On-demand Webinar

Welcoming the AI summer: How Generative AI is Transforming Experiences

Generative AI (GAI) technology has been around for nearly half a century. But recent developments in the maturity of AI models, faster computation power of systems, and availability of high-quality training data are redefining the technology in 2023.

While tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and Meta fight to dominate the GAI landscape, leading experience providers like Adobe, Salesforce, and Oracle are entering the market with significant investments.

In this webinar, Everest Group’s experts will highlight the use cases and potential of GAI technology in crafting experiences, its limitations and risks in terms of full-fledged commercial adoption, and the industry’s predicted response.

Our speakers will discuss:

  • How can enterprises leverage GAI to unlock business value, and what are the current use cases?
  • What is the role of GAI in experience design?
  • What challenges in the experience ecosystem is GAI helping to address?
  • What is the future potential of GAI technology?
  • How can service providers and enterprises leverage GAI for enhanced efficiency and productivity?

Who should attend?

  • CMOs
  • CIOs
  • CTOs
  • Heads of customer experience
  • Heads of marketing
Krishan Nisha gray square 1
Practice Director
Nitish Mittal
Sharma Sharang Refresh gray square
Vice President

Zones Technology Forum (ZTF) 2023 | Event

Virtual event

Zones technology forum 2023

June 1, 2023

Join Everest Group’s Yugal Joshi for the opening keynote of the virtual conference, Zones Technology Forum 2023.

In the face of unrelenting macroeconomic scenarios facing companies, creating value and reducing costs is essential. Yugal Joshi will join other speakers to share thought leadership and discuss real-life case studies during his keynote to discuss what can be done and how companies can navigate tough scenarios.

Yugal Joshi
Partner, Everest Group
Deepak Purohit
Vice President, Advanced Solutions, Zones

AR-focused Event: How Everest Group Guides Enterprises to Better Decisions | LinkedIn Live


AR-focused Event | How Everest Group Guides Enterprises to Better Decisions

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on Tuesday, May 16, 2023.

Everest Group has been working with enterprises since its inception over 30 years ago. On a daily basis, our research teams engage enterprise clients of technology and business processes services, often in ways other research firms do not. Everest Group takes pride in our ability to provide nuanced and impactful guidance to enterprise stakeholders in a variety of roles, including procurement and sourcing, operations and delivery, technology and the CIO’s office, and customer experience leaders.

📢 In this LinkedIn Live our experts discussed how Everest Group helps shape the decisions enterprise clients make every day regarding their providers, the deals they undertake, and the solutions and technology they invest in.

What questions did the event address?

✅ What is the nature of the work Everest Group does with enterprise clients?
✅ What specific enterprise client challenges does Everest Group typically tackle?
✅ Which enterprise stakeholders does Everest Group engage?

Meet The Presenters

Arora Jimit B
Everest Group
Sharma Abhishek Refresh gray square
Everest Group
Vice President, Analyst Relations Engagement
Everest Group

5 Steps to Unlock Maximum Value from Cloud | Webinar

On-Demand Webinar

5 Steps to Unlock Maximum Value from Cloud

In the last couple of years, we have witnessed the frantic adoption of cloud by enterprises trying to keep up with innovation. During that time, the definition of cloud value was never standardized across different stakeholder groups, and today many enterprises believe they are not realizing the expected value from cloud. This phenomenon has been exacerbated by the current macroeconomic environment, which has added further pressure on enterprises to justify all investments and maximize value.

In this webinar, our experts will explore the unique opportunity for enterprises to align the definition of cloud value and execute their cloud value realization strategies while facing a constrained macroeconomic environment.

Our speakers will discuss:

  • How can you define value from cloud, and what are the key elements beyond cost?
  • What does value realization mean for different stakeholder groups?
  • How can enterprises align on one consistent definition of value?
  • What is the role of different market participants in helping enterprises realize value?
  • How relevant is cost optimization as a value lever in the current recessionary environment?
  • What are the pragmatic steps enterprises can take to maximize value realization?

Who should attend?

  • CIOs and CTOs
  • IT/BPO strategy heads
  • IT/BPO department heads
  • Heads of outsourcing
  • Procurement managers
  • Global sourcing managers
  • Vendor managers
  • Hyperscaler BU heads
  • Cloud and infrastructure heads
  • Solution leads
  • Cloud architects
Zachariah Chirayil
Practice Director
Ranjan Mukesh
Vice President
Singh Abhishek B

The Future of Retail and CPG: Balancing Economics, Efficiency & Experience | LinkedIn Live


The Future of Retail and CPG: Balancing Economics, Efficiency & Experience

April 26, 2023 |
9 a.m. CDT | 10 a.m. EDT | 3 p.m. BST | 7:30 p.m. IST

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on Wedneday, April 26, 2023.

Today’s retail and CPG enterprises are facing the dual challenge of adverse macroeconomic conditions and rapidly changing customer behaviors. While macroeconomic factors are putting pressure on input prices 💲 and razor-thin margins, shifts in customer behavior are translating into a demand for sustainable products and hyper-personalized omnichannel experiences.

💻📱Technology disruptions over the past few years have successfully mitigated these challenges and created new avenues of growth 📈 for both enterprises and service providers.

📢 📢 In this LinkedIn Live, our analysts will share insights into the key technology investment priorities of retail and CPG enterprises and opportunity areas for service providers.

What questions will the event address?

✅ What are the top investment priorities for retail and CPG firms?
✅ How are enterprises rethinking transformation while balancing customer experience, cost competitiveness, and sustainability?
✅ What is the role of the technology and service provider ecosystem in enabling this transformation journey?
✅ What challenges are enterprises facing in their present engagements with service providers?

How to Achieve More from Less: Maximizing the Value of Applications | Webinar

On-DEmand webinar

How to Achieve More from Less: Maximizing the Value of Applications

The macroeconomic environment is pushing enterprises to have more value-centric conversations, both internally and externally. With technology at the core of all business, IT spending is under intense scrutiny, which provokes questions such as: what is the ROI of our investments, are we getting enough value, and how can we make our IT organizations more productive?

Join this webinar as our speakers explore how service providers can help enterprises uncover more value from their IT investments. The webinar will provide insights on key regional demand themes and the impact on offshoring activity and APAC-based delivery.

What questions will the webinar answer for the participants?                                                 

  • What are the levers that will improve productivity?
  • What are the key application spend categories and the top imperatives across run and change?
  • How should enterprises define value from software products and use factors contributing to the cost of building products?

Who should attend?

  • CIOs and CTOs
  • Business leaders
  • Product managers
  • Applications heads
  • IT and technology directors
Madhurima Chopra
Ankit Gupta
Manukrishnan S

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