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The Generative AI Advantage in Enterprise CXM Operations | Webinar

on-demand webinar

The Generative AI Advantage in Enterprise CXM Operations

Enterprises are embracing generative AI’s transformative potential in today’s rapidly evolving CXM landscape. As businesses strive to stay competitive and adapt to changing market dynamics, they are increasingly exploring its power to deliver personalized customer experiences.

In this webinar, our analysts discussed how enterprises are looking at generative AI-based solutions adoption to improve CX and contact center operations, the business impact of generative AI, and what we’ve learned about this revolutionary technology that can drive future growth.

What questions has this webinar answered for the participants?

  • What are the key areas in which generative AI is being deployed for CX services?
  • How positive are enterprises about generative AI implementation, and how are they going about it?
  • How do we expect generative AI-based solutions in CX to mature?

Who should attend?

  • CXM strategy/global heads
  • CXM outsourcing heads
  • CXM strategy heads
  • Customer service heads
  • CXM service delivery heads
  • Supplier and vendor managers
Practice Director
Rickard David

Key Issues 2024: Creating Accelerated Value in a Dynamic World | Webinar


Key Issues 2024: Creating Accelerated Value in a Dynamic World

In an era of ceaseless change, ever-evolving market dynamics, and an unrelenting demand for progress, the traditional pace of value creation is no longer enough. Creating accelerated value has become paramount for business leaders.

How do you achieve accelerated value? Enterprises must embrace innovation while effectively managing change. This approach will help businesses navigate rapid transformation while ensuring stability and sustainability.

Watch this webinar to gain valuable insights into the current perspectives of IT-BP industry leaders.

We discussed the major concerns, expectations, and trends for 2024 and provided recommendations on how to drive accelerated value from global services – helping position organizations to plan and align goals and succeed in 2024.

What questions has the webinar answered for the participants?

  • What are the key challenges and priorities and the outlook for global services in 2024?
  • What are the likely changes in sourcing spend, sourcing strategy (in-house vs. outsource), and locations?
  • Which digital services and next-generation capabilities are expected to be in demand?
  • How will generative AI impact the global services industry?
  • How are outsourcing deals, enterprises’ leverage of service providers, and bill rates expected to change?

Who should attend?

  • CIOs, CDOs, CTOs, CFOs, CPOs
  • Service providers
  • GBS / Shared services center heads
  • Global services leaders
  • Locations heads
Agarwalla Hrishi
Vice President
Malhotra Bhanushee
Practice Director
Mittal Alisha
Vice President
Ranjan Rajesh

2023 Global CXM Outsourcing Landscape: Key Players, Emerging Trends, and Future Opportunities | Webinar

On-Demand Webinar

2023 Global CXM Outsourcing Landscape: Key Players, Emerging Trends, and Future Opportunities

Access the on-demand webinar, delivered live on November 14, 2023.

Enterprises remain committed to improving customer loyalty and retention, and outsourcing has been an indispensable lever in enhancing customer experience management (CXM) worldwide – meeting evolving enterprise needs through tech partnerships and tools like generative AI for scalable personalized customer experiences.

Watch this on-demand webinar where we explored the state of the global CXM outsourcing market in 2023. Our CXM expert analysts discussed the current landscape, regional considerations, emerging trends, digital CX landscape key players, and future opportunities in the CXM outsourcing industry.

What questions does the on-demand webinar answer for the participants?

  • What is the current state of the global CXM outsourcing market in terms of size, growth rate, and regional variations?
  • What are the emerging trends and industry dynamics shaping the CXM outsourcing landscape globally, including the impact of generative AI?
  • How is the global competitive CXM outsourcing landscape evolving?

Who should attend?

  • Customer experience leaders
  • Chief customer officers
  • SVP customer experience
  • Head of outsourcing
  • Procurement managers
  • Contact center leaders
Baweja Divya
Senior Analyst
Das Anubhav 300x300 1
Practice Director
Rickard David

The Global Brands’ Essential Guide to Navigating CX Delivery | Webinar


The global brands' essential guide to navigating CX delivery

October 17, 2023
8:00 AM PT | 10 AM ETT

Join this expert panel featuring Everest Group Partner and CX expert, David Rickard, to discover how multi-regional and global brands can grow and deliver game-changing customer experiences.


They will discuss:

  • The market landscape driving global CX strategy
  • Where to focus in the customer journey to achieve excellent CX
  • How brands can benefit from a global CX partner
David Rickard
Partner, Everest Group
Nora Boros
Chief Global Sales Officer, Webhelp

Gamification: Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Contact Center Agents | Webinar


Gamification: Unleashing the full potential of your contact center agents

September 14, 2023
12:00 PM EST | 9:00 PM ISTST

Everest Group’s Chhandak Biswas will join a webinar to discuss how gamification can transform the customer experience management (CXM) landscape and create a motivated, high-performing workforce.  


The panel will discuss: 

  • How gamification works 
  • How gamification benefits contact centers 
  • The key aspects of a gamified experience ecosystem 
  • The path to successful implementation and how to overcome challeneges 
  • The future of gamification in CXM

Generative AI in Customer Experience: Use Cases and Responsible Adoption | LinkedIn Live


Generative AI in Customer Experience: Use Cases and Responsible Adoption

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on Wednesday, July 12, 2023.

Generative AI (GAI)💻 is rapidly gaining traction in customer experience (CX), with organizations striving to grab hold of the possibilities, real-world use cases, and what constitutes responsible adoption 📥.

📢 📢Join this LinkedIn Live session as our experts highlight the vast potential of GAI in CX and explore 🌟🔎 how this revolutionary technology can be applied within a variety of CX use cases, from streamlining marketers’ content supply chains to optimizing UI/UX value chains, and driving efficiencies in the creative development process.  

We will also examine the future implications of GAI for both enterprises and service providers.

What questions will the event answer for the participants?

• What is GAI?
• What potential does it have in the experience services space?
• What are the real-world use cases 👁 that enterprises are currently focusing on?

The Mid-year CXM Checkpoint: Key Learnings and What’s to Come | Webinar

On-Demand Webinar

The Mid-year CXM Checkpoint: Key Learnings and What’s to Come

The Customer Experience Management (CXM) industry has experienced incredible growth over the past several years. But what are the challenges it faces now due to the impending recession, the inflationary environment, and the increasing need to provide differentiated experiences to customers?

In this webinar, our analysts will examine the major events affecting the CXM industry in the first six months of 2023, how these events have shaped the industry, and what we can expect for the rest of the year.

Our speakers will discuss:

  • The CXM industry’s performance in the first half of 2023
  • The potential impact of next-generation technologies, such as Generative AI, on CXM
  • Major M&A activities in CXM
  • Key considerations for enterprises and service providers in the current market scenario

Who should attend?

  • CEOs, CCOs, CIOs, CTOs
  • BPO strategy/global heads
  • Head of CXM outsourcing
  • CXM strategy heads
  • Head of customer service
  • Head of CXM service delivery
  • Senior sales and marketing executives
Practice Director
Rickard David

NASSCOM GCC Conclave 2023: Upgrade your CX Game with New-age Tech | Event



June 1, 2023

Everest Group’s Managing Partner, Eric Simonson, will chair a session titled, Upgrade Your CX Game with New-age Tech!, on June 1. The session will examine how, to thrive at scale, enterprises need to constantly design and redesign their experience ecosystem to be agile and responsive to customer needs. This session will discuss opportunities and challenges for the GCCs to continue implementing new technology to impact experience across stakeholders.

The 13th edition of NASSCOM GCC Conclave marks the return of a full in-person experience after three years. 

This year’s theme, Getting Ready for the Hyperconnected World, aims to emphasize continuous digital transformation via collaborative innovation and further discuss India’s role. There is an urgent need for GCC leaders to collaboratively come together to discuss their greater role to create competitive advantage for their global enterprises. It is imperative to constantly identify new growth opportunities, drive innovation with emerging tech and realign business strategies.

Will you be visiting Bengaluru for NASSCOM GCC Conclave? Let’s have a conversation! Drop in at stall number 15.

Learn more

Simonson Eric Refresh gray square
Eric Simonson
Managing Partner, Everest Group

Transforming Customer Experience in Healthcare with Hyper-personalization | LinkedIn Live


Transforming Customer Experience in Healthcare with Hyper-personalization

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on Wednesday, May 31, 2023.

🏥The healthcare industry is undergoing a major shift driven by evolving customer expectations and care delivery models as customers and patients demand more hyper-personalized experiences. To meet this demand, healthcare enterprises are leveraging customer experience platforms (CXPs) to pull in data from multiple sources, analyze it, and generate actionable insights that enhance the customer experience across pre-care, care, and post-care interactions 📈.

📣 📣Join our experts as they discuss how enterprises should look at customer experience in healthcare and how the scope has evolved to include hyper-personalized experiences that span care management, proactive grievances redressal, and billing and payments.

What questions did the event address?

✅ How should service providers and enterprises think about customer experience?
✅ What key investments are required to drive superior customer engagement in healthcare?
✅What is the current CXP supplier landscape, and who are the new players?

Meet The Presenters

Customer Satisfaction Sacrifice | LinkedIn Live

Virtual Event

Customer satisfaction sacrifice

May 18, 2021 |
9:30 AM PT | 12:30 PM ET

David Rickard, Partner, Everest Group will join industry experts to discuss how contact center leaders can redefine customer experiences while optimizing costs. Learn how to navigate through economic uncertainties and deliver results in this LinkedIn Live event.

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