Optimizing Talent to Achieve Corporate Objectives

A Case Study

case study - IT transition business case results

Case Study Summary

The leadership team of a large global diversified company in the travel industry came to us with a unique challenge. The travel industry, in general, is under constant pressure to innovate and address increasing cost pressure. In addition to these challenges, the client was going through some major leadership changes. The company wanted to gain an intimate understanding of its total IT talent pool with the goal of optimizing support of the organization’s critical business objectives.

As we engaged with the client and mapped their workforce, we quickly realized that its full workforce went well beyond its employees to include partners, traditional service providers, and contractors, but its planning did not address all talent streams.

Furthermore, while the client was focused on workforce numbers, missing from their analysis were the value the workforce brings to the organization and whether its workforce was focused on the right things.

Key Challenges

  • Our client was challenged by large concentrations in their offshore and onshore resources
  • Some of their most expensive talent was working on applications and services that were not valued by the marketplace
  • The client was unaware that they were facing a retirement cliff with a concentration of senior talent working on critical products and applications

To help our client to address their IT talent challenges, we focused on

  • Workforce redistribution | After we developed a workforce distribution baseline, we gave our client a framework to redistribute the workforce to focus talent on the most critical applications and services
  • Revise the talent mix | Because their best talent was not necessarily their own employees, we helped them to revise the talent mix to ensure continuity
  • Refine workforce approach | Our client’s distinctly complex programs required different approaches (i.e., waterfall method, agile); we helped them optimize the approach based on product value and talent availability
  • Future planning | We devised a five-year plan to address attrition rates, anticipated retirements in key programs, 3rd party contracts restructuring, and changing global economies

The project resulted in three key benefits for our client

  • We gave the client a framework for annual planning that assesses the value specific services offered to the business units and matches resources to value
  • We reoriented our client’s perspective on their workforce to include all sources of talent as well as to take the analysis beyond HR to optimize workforce value
  • We helped reduce labor application cost by 30% by matching the right internal and external resources with the right projects

At the start of the project, the client was trying to address its challenges through traditional sourcing. We helped our client realize it needed to reorient its workforce around the value the service organization was bringing to the lines of business and in turn, the value the lines of business bring to the broader market.

Todd Hintze
Managing Partner
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