Driving Scale and Adoption of New Technologies

A Case Study

case study - IT transition business case results

Case Study Summary

A large global business process service provider wanted to leverage automation to provide higher quality and more efficient services for its customers, but the leadership was having difficulty developing a plan and getting it started.

While they knew automation would result in significant benefits – including improvements in quality, efficiency, security, auditability, cycle time, and accuracy – the organization was in conflict over the automation solutions’ impact on their top-line revenue, and needed help developing a model to select the right accounts and processes, as well as a plan to scale automation initiatives beyond the first phase.

  • By analyzing and comparing our client’s HR data with market data – by function and sub-function – and integrating it with our insights into their customers’ industries, we were able to narrow their focus to few high-yield opportunities
  • Once we identified high-yield opportunities, we helped our client assemble a highly skilled team across technologies, customer process, and process excellence (e.g., six-sigma black belt), to move forward with key opportunities
  • This helped eliminate the barriers that arose later in the process, and fast track solution design and project-build-out planning

We helped our client understand both the short- and long-term implications of automation, not only on their business, but also on their clients as well. As a result,

  • We brought focus to the short- and long-term benefits and risks
  • Helped our client understand the change management strategies needed across internal and external stakeholders
  • That helped align interests across the company and its employees, shareholders, and customers

Our research indicated that automation could generate a 30-60% reduction in resources. As we dug deep into some of our client’s processes, we identified some functions that actually exceeded our earlier estimates.

The projects we launched as part of  our initiated benefitted both our client and their customers

  • It helped our client modernize their delivery for new pursuits and to stay ahead of the competition
  • Beyond price reductions, our clients’ customers saw increased service quality and speed, reduced cycle time, increased security, and improved accuracy

We bring a unique perspective to this challenge:

  • While other management consultants may have been able to help our client, we walk in with a deep understanding of our client’s business. It’s fun to lead the client from the front!
  • Our unique perspective – with thought leaders and problem solvers who focus 100% on services – enables us to see disruptions and opportunities as they are emerge.
  • Unlike others, we can leverage our primary research to develop deep insights to help our clients drive to the exact right level of automation in their service delivery.

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