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Key Issues in EMEA: Addressing 2024’s Challenges and Emerging Sourcing Trends | Webinar

On-demand Webinar

Key Issues in EMEA: Addressing 2024’s Challenges and Emerging Sourcing Trends

In an era characterized by continual change, evolving market dynamics, and an unwavering demand for progress, enterprises must embrace innovation while effectively managing change.

In this webinar, our analysts presented invaluable insights gathered from Everest Group’s 2024 Key Issues survey, specifically focusing on how issues will impact EMEA. The webinar addressed the challenges that companies in the EMEA region will face in 2024 and how they can think about addressing them.

Participants got a view into the perspectives of industry leaders in the IT-BP sector, heard the major concerns, expectations, and emerging trends for 2024, and learnt actionable recommendations.

What questions did the webinar answer for the participants?

  • What are the key issues that businesses are anticipating in 2024
  • How will issues specifically impact EMEA?
  • What are some of the strategies businesses can leverage?

Who should attend?

  • C-level executives in EMEA
  • Service and technology providers in EMEA
Malhotra Bhanushee
Practice Director
Mittal Nitish
Sundrani Ricky

Shifts in Outsourcing Pricing: Key Insights to Plan 2024 | LinkedIn Live

LinkedIN Live

Shifts in Outsourcing Pricing: Key Insights to Plan 2024

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on Wednesday, February 14, 2024.

In our recent 2024 Key Issues Survey, we discovered that price and cost pressures continue to be the top priority for enterprises. 💰

In this engaging LinkedIn Live session, our pricing experts revealed insights from the Everest Group Pricing Index™ report – a biannual overview of current and expected outsourcing pricing trends across various service types and delivery locations. 🌍

Participants  learned valuable pricing insights and discovered the major current commercial themes influencing the market.

During this event, we explored:

✅ How pricing changed across key outsourcing functions and delivery locations in 2023 💡
✅ The pricing outlook for 2024, and how it can impact your outsourcing strategy
✅ How companies are using the Pricing Index to help with sourcing decisions 📈


Barwe Rahul
Vice President
Everest Group
Sundrani Ricky
Everest Group
Ujjain Shitika
Practice Director
Everest Group
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