Latin America is a Growth Market

Combining Everest Group’s expertise and MVD Consulting’s local knowledge, customers with interest in Latin America have enjoyed accurate and actionable results

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MVD Consulting + Everest Group Research

Latin America delivers about 10% of global services and continues to grow. Local and global service providers and enterprises are establishing locations in the region to address the demand. MVD Consulting’s Latin American expertise, in combination with Everest Group’s peerless, fact-based research in global services and sourcing, offers clients valuable and actionable insights to drive their business

Our MVD Consulting Partnership

Latin America is a growth market. And very diverse. Opportunities abound in the region and require world class experience and deep local insights. Our partnership helps clients successfully traverse the Latin American global services landscape.

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Trends in Global In-house Centers

Global In-house Centers (GICs) have risen greatly in relevance and importance over the past few years, with a majority of Fortune 500 companies running GICs in order to make back-office services available to different business units in their company. However, the term GIC does not hold a standardized meaning and exhibits wide variation in features, structure, and service offerings.

At MVD Consulting, we understand different types and services as a natural evolution and maturity process for the organization. Implementation and strategies can differ as well as the type of partnerships and customers. Together with Everest Group, MVD consultants are ready to help you define, select, set up, and operate the best definition that your company needs now, while creating a foundation for the natural evolution of your operation.

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ACDI/VOCA, an American NGO with social projects worldwide, had to assess the results of its Impact Sourcing program in Colombia. This project was focused on developing both technical and soft capabilities among young, indigenous, and Afro-Colombian people for their labor integration to the private sector. Everest Group and MVD Consulting executed this assessment and compared the results with similar projects in Africa and Asia. The project included having more than 40 interviews with companies and participating educational centers across six cities in Colombia. The results showed positive impact on almost 100% of the companies involved, and more than 10,000 young people had their first formal working experience. They also gained valuable insights on best practices and lessons learned to improve the performance of future programs.