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Innovation in shared services centers / global in-house centers

Rohitashwa Aggarwal, Partner, GS

Rohit discusses our research on how Shared Services Centers are driving the innovation agenda to help their parent companies achieve business outcomes.

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Rohitashwa Aggarwal is a Partner in Everest Group’s Global Sourcing practice. Rohitashwa has rich experience across projects covering global business services (GBS) growth and evolution strategy, location selection and portfolio optimization, cost optimization, impact sourcing, and GBS value proposition. In his role, he is focused on engagements and initiatives with global companies that focus on GBS / shared services centers. Rohitashwa works extensively with global organizations and GBS clients on their talent strategy, including global workforce planning, innovative talent acquisition and management practices, remote delivery models, and more. He has helped multiple clients in the areas of GBS growth strategy, benchmarking, locations strategy, peer intelligence, and talent strategy. In addition, Rohitashwa also manages Everest Group’s research membership programs focused on GBS and internal service delivery models.

Before joining Everest Group, Rohitashwa worked in management consulting and research for three years. Rohitashwa holds a degree in Financial and Investment Analysis from Delhi University, New Delhi, India. 

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Top GBS Employers™ in India, The Philippines, and Poland 2023 – How Leading GBS Organizations are Building Brand Perception

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