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Prashray Kala

Vice President

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Prashray Kala is a member of the Global Sourcing team and assists clients on topics related to location optimization, enabling talent models for digital initiatives, increasing inclusivity and diversity in enterprises, quantification of business impact, and benchmarking of global delivery models.

Prior to joining Everest Group, Prashray worked at i3 Consulting, where he was based out of multiple countries in the Middle East and North Africa and worked on strategy consulting, operations consulting, and risk policy and analytics. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Financial and Investment Analysis from the College of Business Studies, Delhi University.

Everest Group's domain expertise in pricing, locations and service delivery

From My Perspective

“Leading enterprises, service providers, and industry enablers find immense value in partnering with Everest Group to optimize their global services strategy, create value for the business, and to evolve to meet the changing industry dynamics. The analyst teams at Everest Group not only advise on global developments and best practices but also provide precise insights customized to individual locations, functions, industry verticals, and service delivery models.”


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