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What Makes Everest Group Research Different

Chirajeet Sengupta, Partner

“In a world of opinion and hype, we distinguish ourselves with our fact-based approach to research, and the depth of our intellectual curiosity. We don’t just publish cutting edge research, but also care passionately about solving our clients’ problems in a highly contextualized and pragmatic manner.”

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Chirajeet (CJ) Sengupta leads the global Technology Services practice at Everest Group. CJ incubated the Cloud research program and more recently launched the Digital services research program.

CJ works closely with global enterprises helping them navigate through service and technology transformation choices. CJ also advises the world’s largest technology service providers on their growth and competitive issues.

CJ brings over fifteen of advisory experience, and holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

CJ's recent reports

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Strength in Adversity: Enterprise Service Resilience During the COVID-19 Crisis

Beginning as a regional health crisis, COVID-19 has spread globally, creating a health crisis of historic proportions. N[...]

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The Future of Talent in Quality Assurance

Enterprises are increasingly leveraging technology to improve operations, evolve business models, and ultimately enhance stakeholder experience. This technolo[...]

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The Future of Data

In recent years, technology has evolved exponentially to offer hitherto unimaginable opportunities. The accelerating pace of change makes innovation far more accessible and scalable[...]

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Establishing a Strategic Business Case for IT Automation in Retail

The retail industry is grappling with widespread disruption. To remain relevant, retailers need to create business value – realized[...]

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CJ's blog posts

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Drifting the Curve: Three Opportunities for Service Providers in a Post-COVID-19 IT Services Industry

This is one in a series of blogs that explores a range [...]

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Sourcing Professionals Have a Tough Job

If you are a sourcing professional, you have our deepest respect, because [...]

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Reimagining Global Services: How to get MORE out of Technology

Much has been written and said about the Bimodal IT model Gartner [...]

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Reimagining Global Engineering Services – a Hierarchy of Needs

The engineering services industry is one of the most interesting segments in [...]

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