IT Sector Growth to Fall to 5.3% in 2017: DeepDive/Everest Group IT Services Forecaster | In the News

Posted On March 7, 2017

US-based DeepDive/Everest Group It Services Forecaster has forecast a 6.3% growth in constant currency for the top five Indian companies for the 2017 calendar year, a 2.4 percentage points drop from the 8.7% growth in 2016.

For the sector as a whole – including large, medium and small IT firms but excluding MNC captive centres – the growth in 2017 is expected to be a mere 5.3%. That’s a steep drop from the 8-10% that the industry is expected to do, as per IT industry body Nasscom, in the 2017-2017 fiscal year (Nasscom estimates include the contribution of MNC captive operations).

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