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Our Contact Center research helps organizations optimize global Contact Center operations by delivering high value insights on outsourcing relationships and shared services

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Our data and analysis of contact center services spans all geographies and all industries – with a focus on the evolution of new channels like email and chat plus the ever increasing importance of technology in service delivery

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We offer an unparalleled depth of coverage in our fact-based and easy-to-digest reports on the contact center outsourcing market. Access to reports and our analysts is available as an annual subscription



Everest Group helps you benchmark global services


Our industry-leading analysis can help you benchmark contact center services – prices for outsourced services, contracts and service levels, global delivery models, and more




Selection, sustainability, portfolio balancing and more

Location Optimization

Whether you are seeking to set up a contact center or evaluate your current service delivery footprint of centers, we provide the data and expertise to help you make an informed investment decision



Fact-based intelligence on peer activity

Peer Intelligence

Learning from the experiences and approaches of other organizations can help avoid costly mistakes and uncover new opportunities. Our peer intelligence capabilities help you validate and improve your strategies



Market Opportunity Assessment

The global services market is actually a combination of many smaller markets, which vary by function, geography, and industry. Service providers looking for opportunities to grow their business by entering new markets, use our datasets and expertise to provide the fact-base and insights to make informed investment decisions



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Contact Center Outsourcing Annual Report 2017 – Disruption is Here: The End of Contact Centers as We Know Them

With increasing focus on technology adoption and uncertainty in the market due to geopo[...]
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Rising Cost of Healthcare in the United States

The cost of healthcare in the United States is rising significantly as compared to other geographies. However, the quality of healthcare is poor and does[...]
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Impact Of Brexit On The UK Contact Center Market – The Only Thing Certain Is Uncertainty

The Brexit referendum, initiated in June 2016, saw the population of United Kingdom voting to exit the Europe[...]
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Contact Center Outsourcing (CCO) – Service Provider Compendium 2017

The CCO service provider compendium provides accurate, comprehensive, and fact-based snapshots of 25+ service providers in the CCO[...]
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