ICE Awards Program


The application process for the 2013 Innovation through Cloud in Enterprise (ICE) Awards is now closed. Look for details about the 2014 ICE Awards in June 2014. Read about the 2013 ICE Award winner

Selection criteria:

  • Your organization must be a user of cloud solutions.
    • Note: If you are a service provider who would like more information to share with your client on how to apply, please contact us.
    • Your organization must be an enterprise with at least 2,500 employees.
    • Your organization must have operations in North America or Europe that are receiving the cloud services.

Your enterprise’s implementation of a cloud solution should have resulted in one or more of the following:

  • Significant positive effects on one or more segments of your stakeholders (customers, employees, partners/channels, and/or society in general), e.g., improved customer satisfaction, improved collaboration between employees and partners, reduced resource consumption footprint etc.
  • Striking business impact in terms of revenue, costs, pricing, investments, retention, and/or reduced time to market
  • Notable technology transformation that led to process simplification, creation of new feature/functionality, flexibility, uniqueness/cleverness, business agility, etc.
  • Achievement of organizational transformation, e.g., the cloud solution improved your organizational model, bettered your change management practices, empowered a previously impassive organization, etc.

If selected as a finalist, your organization:

  • Must be willing to be interviewed to tell your story of innovation. The Judges Panel will consider both the formal application plus insights from the interviews in their decisions.