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On Point | Summit, New World [Dis]Order: Managing in Turbulent Markets  | May 17-18, 2017 | Watergate Hotel, Washington, DC

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Customer (Dis)Satisfaction: Why Are Enterprises Unhappy with Their Service Providers?, by Chirajeet Sengupta, Yugal Joshi, Alisha Mittal, and Chathurya Pandurangan

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APRIL 10: Trump Dump, by Peter Bendor-Samuel

APRIL 4: How Will Brexit Impact Your Europe Delivery Strategy?, by Anurag Srivastava and Swati Khurana

APRIL 3: Pharmaceutical Companies Can Help Support Trump’s Vision of Make America Great Again, by Stephen Chen and Manu Aggarwal

APRIL 1: Breaking News: Everest Group’s Alternative Facts Research to Guide Global Sourcing Executives’ Next Moves, by Eric Simonson

MARCH 20: CBS Misses The Mark On American Job Loss And H-1B Visa Issues, by Peter Bendor-Samuel

MARCH 20: The Philippines: Future Foe or Long-term Friend?, by Eric Simonson

MARCH 15: H-1B Visa Reform Impact on IT Outsourcing Deal TCV, by Ankit Goyal and Aditya Nagori

MARCH 9: Are Rising Costs the Only Impact Immigration Reform Bills Will Have on the Services Industry?, by Achint Arora

MARCH 8: Impacts of H-1B Visa Applications Suspension, by Peter Bendor-Samuel

MARCH 7: From Labor Arbitrage to Digital Arbitrage: Shareholder Value in the New IT World, by Chathurya Pandurangan

MARCH 3: The Deafening Silence at IAOP OWS 17, by Katrina Menzigian

FEBRUARY 23: Big Shifts at 2017 NASSCOM India Leadership Forum, by Peter Bendor-Samuel

FEBRUARY 20: U.S. Domestic Locations for IT Services Delivery: Your Trump Card amidst H-1B Uncertainties, by Sakshi Garg

FEBRUARY 20: A Pig in a Poke: Trump Administration Policies Could Spell Trouble for Banking Industry, by Todd Hintze and Mark Lade

FEBRUARY 16: Stepping Back from Globalization and Offshoring, by Peter Bendor-Samuel

FEBRUARY 14: Companies Face A Deal They Can’t Refuse, by Peter Bendor-Samuel

FEBRUARY 13: Shedding Light on Proposed High-Wage Immigration Changes, by Peter Bendor-Samuel

FEBRUARY 13: Don’t Overlook This Cost-Effective Alternative to Offshore Services, by Peter Bendor-Samuel

FEBRUARY 10: Cost Impact of Immigration and Visa Reform to US Customers Using Offshore Service, by Peter Bendor-Samuel

FEBRUARY 2: Trump’s Visa Reforms: The Bitter Pill IT Needed, by Abhishek Singh

JANUARY 12: Significance of Services Market Consolidating, by Peter Bendor-Samuel

JANUARY 11: What Will You Do When Trump Tweets at You?, by Peter Bendor-Samuel

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